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Welcome to the Sedona Nannies Best Kids CareWelcome to the Sedona Nannies Best Kids CareWelcome to the Sedona Nannies Best Kids CareWelcome to the Sedona Nannies Best Kids Care

AZ Onsite Sedona Family & Kid Friendly Entertainment & Amazing Hotel Activities to Do for Children of all ages.

Sedona Children’s Activity & Entertainment Agency Service for Kids in Sedona Arizona 86336


Whether  you are traveling as a single family or multiple families with kids on  vacation to the Sedona AZ area Resorts/Hotels or on a Sedona family day trip with the little ones, the Sedona Nannies have you covered for all  your family care needs. Your family or families and  children will be professionally cared for in a warm, nonjudgmental,  confidential way that will meet your family's individual needs. We can  care for just 1 infant to 50 kids from ages newborns to age 99 years. Diversity in families and children welcome. A Sedona LBGTQ friendly  business.

Sedona Nanny Joyce or Cindy are available to provide the same mobile awesome fun kid-friendly local entertainment agency sevices & child friendly attractions for kids anywhere. Travel services are available. We can also take your child or accompany your entire family to help with the children at the many fun Sedona activities & attractions including the riding the Verde River Train ride, Out of Africa Wildlife Safari, Rainbow Trout Farm , or exploring and wading in Oak Creek. We offer the Best on-site resort fun activities to do for all age children ranging from newborn to age 99 years old.  See our many recommendations, ratings and reviews from the resorts, kids, parents and even grandparents cared for  by the Sedona Nannies 


 Ask your Sedona family resort guest services  concierge or wedding  planner about recommending Sedona Nanny for in-room family hotel service agency for children of all ages.

When  booking your Sedona family & kids vacation resort casita, hotel  room, or AirBnB, make reservations to include Sedona Nannies . We can be booked for as little as 3 hours. We are not just a Sedona resort baby sitter or a kids care iver. We bring our Nanny Bag of fun, entertaining Sedona kid friendly fun stuff to do with all ranges  & ages of kids. The Sedona Nannies enjoy spending quality time playing and engaging with your babies, toddler or children, ensuring their emotional and  physical needs are being met. 

Sedona Nanny will arrive at your Sedona Arizona hotel/resort room with the  best Sedona children's educational, family &  kid friendly things to do, and fun for all age children's agency both indoor and  outdoors. We may go on a nature walk around the resort or learn to play  whiffle/kick ball or go the best kids playground in Sedona., Sunset Park.

Your Sedona nanny  and children will play and remain on site at the Sedona AZ Family Resort/Hotel you are booked at and will not leave the property or be accompanied to the hotel pool without prior parents permission. The Sedona Nannies prefer electronic devices are turned off before she arrives unless parents give prior permission. 

Sedona  Nanny also owns the web site and a few years after I bought a Sedona resident trademarked my website name and bought a similar web site name only with a dash in the URL. Sedona. She is NOT AFFILIATED with Sedona Nanny in any way. When calling Sedona Nanny, be sure you are speaking to nannies Joyce or Cindy. We also DO NOT ask for a deposit or credit cards info when you book an appointment with us. If you are asked for a credit card number, you are NOT booking with the Sedona Nannies.  The Sedona Nannies are being stalked/harassed online, and many of our Emails have been diverted. If you do not hear from your nanny 48 hours before you are scheduled to receive care, please give them a call.  

Our Quick Contact Numbers


Nanny Cindy 928-451-4590

Nanny Joyce  928-282-0949

                        928-202-6682 cell

Get short notice same-day activities care for kids may be available. Just give us a phone call.

For Sedona Day Trippers traveling with children, we offer these same wonderful professional drop off child services and activities for kids services at our homes in Sedona, AZ 86336.

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About Joyce Vanderhorst, Pediatric RN retired. I have worked as a registered nurse with newborns to age 99 since 1982. My past experience with children includes being the Residence Nurse/Nursing Director of, a Gymnastics, BMX, InLine Skating, Skateboarding & Downhill Mountain Biking Extreme Sports Facility for many years, as well as camp nurse for several other camps. I worked for Pixar/Disney as a movie set medic occasionally,  I proudly served my community here in the Verde Valley Arizona for many years as a volunteer paramedic/firefighter, in the 1980 's and early 90's.

I worked in a birth center in Flagstaff, AZ assisting in the welcoming of about 50 babies, many as home births. I have been a Public Health Nurse for Yavapai County. In California I was a 2nd Lt., Civil Air Patrol, Medical Officer for Kern County, CA Platoon 46.  I'm highly qualified to provide the BEST children's activity  service center in Sedona, AZ 86336. My last 5*review reflects my extensive history and experience with children:

  • Kyrsten S.
  • Phoenix, AZ


Joyce is amazing. She comes prepared for any age of child and keeps them entertained for the entire time.  My two children were 4 & 6 and she had them doing different, fun activities without tv or screens for the entire 5 hours. I am so grateful for her energy and care while attending to them.
I am from out of town. I was apprehensive to go with someone off of Yelp but I was sincerely joyful to find Joyce. She's a retired Pediatric Nurse and my children were in fabulous company. Thank you, Joyce!!

Now Parents on vacation or a day trip to Sedona can go out hiking or go Mountain biking in Sedona with out all the kids on the many Sedona trails. Take the older children on a fun Jeep tour and leave the small toddlers and babies with us! 

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Need additional help finding other family services in Sedona? We have arranged a wedding  official for wedding vows, onsite event catering for family dinners, and private chef  services. 

We have extensive experience in the logistics of setting up an infant, toddler and children's play area with activities to keep every child busy. Group Child care can be provided up to 35 children with additional pre-screened nannies.


Sedona Nanny Child Friendly Activities for Kids


Joyce Vanderhorst, RN retired pediatric nurse is known locally as the Sedona Nanny!

I'm the owner of Sedona Nanny Childcare. I have worked as a nurse with newborns to age 100 since 1982. My past includes being the Residence Nurse/Nursing Director of, a Gymnastics, BMX, InLine Skating, Skateboarding & Downhill Mountain Biking Extreme Sports Facility for many years, as well.